How to manage stress – from our Student Mental Health Champions

Tomorrow is Stress Awareness Day, so some of our Student Mental Health Champions have shared the things they do that helps them to manage stress. The things we do to help manage our stress levels will be different for everyone. It could be going for a long walk or having a chat with a friend, the important thing is to find what works for you!

By Olivia Foster studying English in 1st year of PhD

A great way I have found that I can reduce stress is by creating an environment I feel comfortable in. Whilst there are factors that can make this difficult, I find it helps me to have some ‘home comforts’ to aid myself in relaxing OR studying! At home, this might mean a tidy room, a candle burning, or having a blanket on stand-by. But you can create that comfortable environment in spaces such as the library too, I do this by bringing a reusable cup and some relaxing tea (ask for hot water from the café!) and wearing something comfortable!

By Keir Goode, MSc Molecular Microbiology student

When I am feeling anxious due to stress (or other reasons) I find that practicing mindfulness helps me relax. Playing some mindful music and concentrating on my breathing and surroundings can reduce the stress levels especially when done in the morning.

By Alex Mills, 3rd year Broadcast Journalism student

Something I do to manage my stress is exercise. If I am really busy and I cannot get an endorphin boost by seeing friends or going out, I will get them from going for a run or doing some yoga. I find that this helps me keep my stress levels low as I can let go of any anger or sadness and it brings me to a calmer point.

By Nancy Kufort, 2nd Year Psychology (with Mental Health) student

One tip that helps me manage stress is listening to music, I have specific playlists for when things get too much and I need to calm down. It is usually good to get out of the house too, or whichever environment may be putting you through the stress, so I walk through Nottingham and try to really take sight of the city. I either go to the Arboretum or walk by Trent River. 

By Miranda Lowe, 1st Year MSc Psychological Wellbeing and Mental Health student

One way that helps me manage my stress is getting outside and going on a walk. I’ve found that being out in the fresh air really helps to clear my head when I’m feeling overwhelmed, even if it’s only for a short period of time. When I do this, I try to avoid going on my phone when possible so I can appreciate being outside more without being reminded of the things that are causing my stress. I find it so refreshing, and it helps me to ground myself when stress gets the better of me.

For self-help resources for stress check out the Anxiety and Stress section on the Health and Wellbeing Resources page on the Student Hub

For help, advice and resources whilst studying at NTU, take a look at the following for sources of support.

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