Why are we so scared of therapy? A Focus on the Black Community

Written by Yomi Olusunle a current NTU Psychology MSc Student The Black community is beautiful, colourful and communal. Despite being from different countries, backgrounds and cultures, we are very similar in terms of our music, religion, diversity and food. But can we really say all similarities are good? From my experience, we have a shared antagonism towards … More Why are we so scared of therapy? A Focus on the Black Community

Mental Health Awareness Week – Nature

Written by Leanne Haywood a MSc Psychological Wellbeing and Mental Health Student & Student Mental Health Champion  This week is Mental Health Awareness Week and the theme this year is nature. Nature has so many benefits for our mental health and my research interests are centred around improving mental health and wellbeing through access to nature … More Mental Health Awareness Week – Nature

Managing Expectations

By Keir Goode a current MSc Molecular Microbiology NTU student Something that I have recently struggled with when getting back into education is the expectations I put upon myself. I would not necessarily say I was a perfectionist, but I have noticed my expectations can be unrealistically high and I don’t think I’m alone in feeling … More Managing Expectations

Being an international student during the pandemic

By Valeria Fieni a 1st Year Exercise, Nutrition & Health NTU student I’m sure everyone has experienced that sense of excitement about finally moving out of your parents’ home and gaining some of that well-earned independence. After all, we don’t really want to live at home forever and moving to university is one very big … More Being an international student during the pandemic

Sleep tips

By Chloe Gabrielle Roesch a current PhD NTU student Timing A regular wake-up time (or Sleep Anchor) is as important- if not more important- to establishing a healthy, restful and functional sleep-wake pattern. Pick the earliest time in your week you routinely have to wake up and stick with it. Then, only allow yourself to … More Sleep tips

Eating Disorders and Self-Harm Awareness – My Story

By Jighna Chauhan a 2nd Year Psychology NTU student Content warning: This blog mentions personal experience around self-harm and eating disorders which some readers might find triggering. This feels a little strange to write, so let me introduce myself first. My name is Jighna but my friends call me Jig, I’m 20 years old and … More Eating Disorders and Self-Harm Awareness – My Story