Stress management tips

Written by Madalina Enea a 2nd year Fashion Marketing and Branding student

As young adults and adults in general, we have to deal with stress occasionally if not, on a daily basis. Due to given circumstances, the stress might have been increased for so many of us and learning how to cope with a new situation it has never been easy. Here I have tried to create a list of a few tips that can help out anyone that is struggling to find a balance in times like these.

Create a balanced routine.

Whenever the midterms and deadlines are approaching and feeling like everything starts to overwhelm me rapidly, I just set up a routine that I can follow most of the days. Usually, in the mornings, I prefer to lay in bed for half an hour or maybe an hour before having my breakfast and afterwards just set my goals for that day. When it comes to organising my goals for that day, I try to think realistically and not put down too many at a time. Starting my assignments a few weeks before my actual deadline and break them into small tasks that I can do daily help me manage my time better and keep my stress levels under control. Be careful to add into your routine a small loophole as you might want to do something that allows your mind gets relaxed and not overstimulated. You might take a break to stretch, grab a snack or even do a little dance to relieve the tension.

Creating a routine that you can follow can help out looking after yourself as well as create a habit that will be with you for the long term.

Transform your workplace into something pleasant.  

Try to make your work space a nice environment to work in, Even just by surrounding yourself with different small, enjoyable things. I, for example, prefer to lit candles, put a lo-fi mix in the background and sometimes, have my favourite snack while working on an assignment. You can even decorate your workspace with different stationery or decorations, even post-its with things that motivate you, whatever you think that might work. Getting the right mindset about you working on your assignments will make you feel like the stressful work isn’t a chore anymore but a pleasurable thing to do. Working with pleasure can boost your productivity, even though sometimes you might not be very passionate about your workload.

Don’t forget about yourself

Working on your deadlines and other tasks should be a priority of course, but at the same time, don’t forget about yourself and to do the things you enjoy. It might be hard to fit into a busy schedule a little break for a walk outside or a quick break to grab a coffee from your favourite coffee shop, but these things play a significant role in helping you cope with stress better. Also, a day a week where you take a ”mental health” day off where you just pamper yourself, watch a new tv series or maybe bake something new should be vital. Doing things that benefit you mentally should make you feel like your more in control of your stress than it to be in control of you. Taking care of your mental health should help you enhance your mood, as well as make you feel comfortable with yourself, which is crucial while working on something important.

And lastly, create healthy habits

Incorporating healthy habits in your everyday routine can help you to achieve long-term results with stress. Meditation and breath exercises are good habits that you can practice on a daily. The app ”Headspace” has a great variety of exercises based on different topics, such as anxiety and stress and most importantly, it takes only 10 minutes to make you feel brand new! Practising mindfulness on a daily basis has been scientifically proven that can enhance the state of your anxiety.

On the other hand, yoga and core strength exercises improve your posture and increase your blood flow, that leads to a healthier body and overall mind. You don’t have to do an entire yoga routine but the child’s pose for a good 5 minutes can calm the mind. Going on a walk every day or any other day gets you relaxed and allows the mind to process the information better. And most importantly, don’t skip your meals and try to get enough nutrients.

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