World Health Day: Tips for keeping happy and healthy at NTU

Today is World Health Day! Our Healthy NTU team have shared some tips for keeping happy and healthy while you are studying at NTU.  

  1. Try out something creative – Creativity has been proven to be good for your mental health. Luckily at NTU and in Nottingham there are lots of ways to try something creative that suits you. Whether it’s getting stuck into some crafts with our Student Mental Health Champions or checking out the latest exhibitions at Bonington Gallery or Nottingham Contemporary. All of our latest craft activities can be found on our Health NTU SharePoint.  
  1. Getting into a balanced routine – Especially at this point in the academic year, a balanced routine is key. Routine is good for our wellbeing and it doesn’t have to be super strict to have a positive impact either. Start by setting the same wake up and bedtime and add small positive self-care habits each day that are achievable within your lifestyle. Taking regular breaks while studying can help you to feel more productive and helps to reduce stress, factor in set break times throughout the day and take some time away from your study area.  
  1. Exercise – This will look different for everyone, the key thing is to find something that is enjoyable for you. You don’t have to do a 5k everyday to feel the benefits from exercise on your physical and mental health. There’s plenty of opportunity to figure out what you like through NTU Sport or the NTU Moves+ app.
  1. Familiarise yourself with what support is available – There’s lots of support available to you both at NTU and within Nottingham, so if you’re struggling you don’t have to go through it alone, it’s better to reach out as early as possible. Visit our Student Hub for information on what mental health and wellbeing support that is available and for helpful wellbeing information and resources visit our Healthy NTU SharePoint.  
  1. Connecting with others – Being around people that make you feel good is great for your overall wellbeing. At NTU there’s plenty of opportunity to meet new people, so don’t worry if you feel you haven’t ‘clicked’ with anyone yet! The NTSU have plenty of societies to join but if that’s not your thing then there are other opportunities to meet others, such as checking out the Global Lounge or coming along to our Healthy NTU events and activities.

For help, advice and resources whilst studying at NTU, take a look at the following for sources of support.

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