University Mental Health Day

Tips for looking after yourself at university by Student Mental Health Champions

Take some time for self-care – Sophie Orchard, 3rd Year Psychology student

I would say my top tip for looking after yourself whilst at university is to care for your mind as well as your body. By this I mean, do things that make you feel happy and relaxed and are not necessarily university work related. Give yourself a day off and spend time with friends and family or go out somewhere off campus. Spend time looking after yourself.

Give journaling a go – Nancy Kufort, 3rd Year Psychology with Mental Health student

My tip for looking after yourself at university is journaling. It is a great way to get to know yourself and practice mindfulness. Writing down anything that might be making you upset or bothering you is a great way to ‘let it out or vent’. It also doesn’t strictly need to be negative things you write about; including good things that happened throughout the day or little highlights and wins is also a good way to celebrate your successes and feel accomplished!

Be open to where your journey takes you – Vanisha Sadh, 2nd Year Product Design student

University can be a time filled with change where you will lose yourself and find yourself, as this is the first time you are in the world on your own, but everything will fall together eventually! My tip for looking after yourself at university is to try and be open to growing and learning within your time at NTU, what matters the most is taking care of yourself and owning yourself. Be open to where your journey takes you!

Get outside or change your environment – Kerry Luff, 3rd Year Psychology student

Making a conscious effort to step outside of your house/flat/apartment at least once a day. Even if it’s to take the bins out, getting physically out of your living space and getting some fresh air will do you so well. If you find yourself spending hours in the library studying, give yourself a break and have a walk around campus or your close environment and give yourself some head space. Fresh air has an impact on every aspect of your well-being (if you don’t believe me, google it!). Don’t suffocate yourself with your workload let your mind and body breathe!

Try new things Kevon Mukabi, 2nd year Marketing student

One tip for looking after yourself at University would be trying new things that make you feel great. This can be something as small as going to visit an art gallery, which can give you an opportunity to immerse yourself in a different atmosphere. Changing your surroundings or trying something new also gives yourself the opportunity to help you feel better if you’re in a bit of a negative mood. I would encourage you to step out of your comfort zone and try something new or go to your favourite restaurant and order your favourite thing off the menu. Anything that makes you feel good!

For help, advice and resources whilst studying at NTU, take a look at the following for sources of support.

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