Be Kind to Yourself and #TellAMate

Written by Paul Dodsley, Student Health Development Officer and NTU Alumni

Feeling lonely is not a nice feeling, especially this time of year. I remember living on my own and feeling lonely. At the time I was trying out internet dating and to be honest I could write a book about the cool people I met and their stories.  There was such an expectation to meet someone settle down bla bla bla. You can swipe away on apps these days and make connections…it’s easier than ordering fish n chips.

Putting the roses and love hearts to one side, one thing I have learnt is that the real love should be aimed at you and your mates. Your mates are your constant, your wingmen so to speak, the person that makes you happy and always at the end of the phone. Also, let’s not forget about yourself. This time of year, you should be loving yourself, do you, do more of the stuff you enjoy doing. Be kind to yourself and those that make you happy. What are you waiting for. Put on your favourite film, I’ll be rocking Star Wars, make your favourite meal…chips egg n beans ahoy for me. I love ‘you nights’….switching off from the world is good for the soul from time to time.

It’s a great opportunity to contact a mate. I don’t see my best mate for months but when we get together it never seems that long. You should never be too busy. It takes a few seconds to send a text and you should always invest in looking after yourself.

It’s not all about having dates and expectations. So please make sure you check in with yourself and your mates.

‘Am I being a Valentine grinch, maybe.  I reflect on myself being lonely and I’ve learnt that Valentines is just another day, friends and your health is for life so go on treat yourself.

May the force be with you…..

Why not send a mate a thoughtful free card. Check out CALMS selection #TellAMate This… | Campaign Against Living Miserably (CALM) (

For help, advice and resources whilst studying at NTU, take a look at the following for sources of support.

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