5 Ways Social Prescribing Can Support You

By Bethany Robinson, Social Prescriber based within the City Campus GP Practice

5 Ways Social Prescribing Can Support You

  • Are you struggling with your mental health and wellbeing?

Social Prescribing can help you to explore what options are available for talking therapies or to get connected with options for peer support. You can support your wellbeing by finding out what wellbeing activities are available to take part in with your peers. We have also helped to support patients both find and refer into talking therapy services and we are here to support you with finding the right service for you.

  • Would you like to find out about support services available for practical support?

Your Social Prescriber can help to signpost you to relevant support services including support with finances, finding disability support, and finding out what health services are available to you. We are here to listen to the problem you are currently experiencing and can help to identify the support services relevant to your problem. For example, if you are experiencing financial problems, we can help guide you towards the support services who will be able to give you advice and support so that you can continue your studies with less worry.

  • Are you feeling lonely or isolated?

Your Social Prescriber can help support you to find new social opportunities both on and off campus to enrich your social life. There are a wide range of opportunities happening both on campus and around Nottingham City. Connect through mutual interests or meet people through experiencing a new opportunity such as paddle boarding or arts workshops.

  • Would you like to find a new hobby or volunteering opportunity?

Your Social Prescriber can help you access activities and groups that are running both on and off campus. We can help you to explore new opportunities or help you to reconnect with activities you are passionate about such as team sports or societies. We can discuss all the latest opportunities occurring in the city and can refer and signpost you to activities and services to experience something new.

  • Would you like to support your physical wellbeing by finding a new exercise activity tailored to your needs?

Your Social Prescriber can connect you to a wide range of exercise activities happening both on and off campus. Whether you would like to know the process of joining a team sport or would like to access something new like canoeing or joining a wellbeing walk with friends, social prescribing is here to help find exercise that you can enjoy and improve your wellbeing with.

How Do I Access Social Prescribing?

  • Self-refer through AskMyGP or calling The Student Health Centre for an initial appointment via telephone consultation
  • You can be referred by a Healthcare Professional (Doctor, Nurse, Healthcare Assistant, Pharmacist, Physio)

For help, advice and resources whilst studying at NTU, take a look at the following for sources of support.

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