My placement experience with NTU Student Services Centre

ly's blog picBy Ly Do – a current NTU International Student and the Customer Satisfaction & Project Assistant at Student Services Centre.

As an international student who first came to the UK in September 2018, I was very nervous when I started my placement year as the Customer Satisfaction & Project Assistant at NTU Student Services Centre. However, this has soon become an amazing experience and I’d love to share with you 3 key things I enjoy the most about the role.

  1. Every day is not the same

My job is very diverse and I find myself actively get involved in many different processes and projects at the Student Services Centre (SSC). My key responsibilities are implementing customer satisfaction programmes in collaboration with different teams/department guided by the Customer Service Excellence (CSE) criteria, promote the student support services with a focus on social media platforms and analysing customer feedback to identify the areas for continuous improvement. Apart from these, I also deal with customers at SSC Front Desk and online enquiries, contribute to monthly SSC analytical reports and have involvement with Project Officers on advertising events such as the launch of NTU Wellbeing – Healthy, Happy, Strong, National Money Student Awareness Week, NTU Wellbeing Week and many more. The role can really vary day-to-day but I enjoy this variety as it allowed me to stay proactive and learn new things every day.

  1. Being supported and empowered to developed

When I applied for the role, I was afraid that the cultural difference and language barriers will be an obstacle for an international student like me. However, I soon realised that at the Student Service Centre and NTU in general, your ideas and uniqueness are valued and you are empowered to be creative. My perspectives are helpful to improve our services to customers who are international students at NTU. I am supported and inspired by colleagues not only within the team but from other departments. The role has great flexibility and high level of autonomy, which allowed me to put my ideas in practice and make the most of the placement year with more challenging tasks with the guide and support from my line manager.

  1. Get to know my potential and develop essential skills

I was never convinced that I have good social skills or ability to engage others in an event. However, this role gives me the opportunities to get out of my comfort zone and I find myself enthusiastic and confident running different awareness-raising activities and customer satisfaction programmes, from Fresher’s Fair, SSC Events across campuses to Focus Group, Interviews with our customers to gain customer insights and feedback. My communication skills are also improved through liaising with other teams/departments such as Student Union, Marketing, Purchasing and specialist Student Support Services teams. Working in a service-led and customer-oriented environment allowed me to apply business practices I have learnt from my course to improve the processes and services at SSC and identify my career path in Sales/Marketing & Customer Services. Other transferrable skills I have developed through my placement are time management and teamwork, which I believe will benefit anyone in their future profession.

There are so many other things I enjoy about my placement. It is great to experience the British working culture which could be very different from where you’re original from if you are an international student. I have met so many people, learn many new things and become a much more confident person. The placement year is for you to learn and experience what’s like to work full-time, to develop personally and professionally while explore your potentials and enjoy the job itself. And I am sure the opportunity with NTU Student Services is worth a try.

If you would like to ask me any questions about my placement experience, my job role or my time at NTU, don’t hesitate to get in touch via email or come to see me at the Student Services Centre – Newton Building (level 0)City campus.

Apply to become our next Customer Satisfaction & Project Assistant at

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