There is power in being female


This week is International Women’s Day and NTU are hosting a week long programme of free events to celebrate the day. To mark the week we will be sharing blogs from current NTU students on what the week means to them.

By Brianna Wilson, Year 1, BSc (Hons) Psychology with Sociology SW

There is a power to being female.

And in my opinion, that is what International Women’s Day aims to promote.

That even though history has often swept our successes like waves across the beach, taking those grains of sand—existing just as long as brilliant women always have, yet made small by the eyes of every student of history—and washing them away into the seas of history until they sink to the bottom, overshadowed and drowned by the men of those ages.

(Sure, some might argue, women have rights now, don’t they? They have a movement. They are freer than their sisters of old. But no, it is not enough, and it will not be enough, for a very, very long time.)

International Women’s Day celebrates what it means to identify as female, whether biology deemed you so from the moment you were born from your mother’s womb, or when you knew in your heart, that whatever social script society labelled ‘female’ was what you resonated with, and turned your back against the ‘male’ script, to truly find yourself. For how you see yourself? Is every bit valid if you deem it true to who you are.

For there is beauty and power and happiness to find within ourselves, that should be taught at a young age. After all, there should be no guideline as to decide what it means to be a woman. Women should not need to adhere to the finite rules of ‘femininity’ that the patriarchy assigned, where we were expected to be subservient and silent, objectified by ancient traditions that should have died long ago.

But choosing to be feminine is never weakness. It is strength of the heart, the power of connection, and the awakening of intuition. There is courage in femininity, and if you are that way by nature, you should be proud. Girls can be ambitious and chase after their dreams with the fervour of a hunt. Girls can be sensitive and swim in their emotions with the kindness of an angel. They should be allowed to fully fall in love with themselves in the process, for there is no way to be the ‘ideal’ woman.

You already are, with your flaws and your graces, and the pursuit of self-growth should only serve to highlight the self-love you deserve.

So for me, International Women’s Day is a reminder of the power women hold, to change and shape and lead and form our place in the world however we see fit, because once upon a time, we were forced to swallow our dreams and hide our talents in favour of the men around us. So for me, this day is a celebration of sisterhood uniting women across the globe to share our strengths and accomplishments with the next generation of girls, and support the choices they make

For we have every right to conquer, should we desire it.

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