Rock the ribbon this World AIDS Day

HIV diagnoses are falling in the UK, meaning the spread of the virus is slowing down. However, we shouldn’t be complacent; we must continue to build on this progress, to end new transmissions for good.

There are still 101,000 people living with HIV in the UK, there is no cure. Out of these, 13% remain un-diagnosed. Although the epidemic is slowing in the UK, nearly half of people who test positive are finding out they have HIV very late, meaning the virus may have damaged their health permanently.

Will you join us in the fight this World AIDS Day on Saturday 1 December 2018? Will you stand with us in our mission to stamp out HIV and HIV-related stigma and discrimination? Of course you will! Pick up your free ribbon from your nearest Student Services Centre on Friday 30 November and rock your ribbon.

More about HIV and screening

  • Did you know we provide free testing on campus via NTU Health Centres and Victoria Health Centre.
  • Free condoms are available via the C-Card scheme which is also available via NTU health Centres and Victoria Health Centre.
  • We also provide a drop in session at Brackenhurst Campus every Friday 12 – 2 pm in Pippin Room 8. No booking required. Session is ran by the NHS SEXions team.
  • Terrance Higgins Trust provide screening at the City Campus Students’ Union.
  • You can also do home screening.
  • If you’re looking for more information on sexual transmitted infections visit the NHS website.


5 ways to prevent HIV
5 ways to prevent HIV YouTube video


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