Meningitis – are you protected?

Meningitis is a life threatening, infectious disease that can leave devastation in its wake. It often occurs hand-in-hand with septicaemia and, when it strikes, it can be fatal. Within a matter of hours it can take hold of a strong, healthy, independent individual and change them forever.

Read Charlotte H’s meningitis experience

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Why are first year university students at risk?

Students can be more vulnerable to meningitis because of their close living arrangements. In many cases, young people come together from all over the world to live in one place and can sometimes be exposed to bacteria and viruses their bodies have not met before. This is why so many new students get ‘freshers flu’.

As the early symptoms of meningitis can disguise themselves as other things, such as common illnesses like flu, or maybe even a hangover, it is easy to mistake meningitis for something else.

Know the signs and symptoms – it could make all the difference.

Watch the Meningitis Now Fastest Hour video

The ACWY vaccine

The ACWY vaccine helps to protect against the ACWY meningitis strains and is administered by a simple injection which is free to all first year students who are under 25. It’s very important to get the vaccine to ensure you are protected from meningitis.

The vaccine is available from the health centre you are registered at. Visit to find your health centre and book an appointment. Please do not delay, get it today.


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